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How to solve an algebraic equation multiplying or dividing.

Published: 12/02/2012
Created by: Anonymous
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The work


7x = 35

Move all terms containing x to the left, all other terms to the right.

Divide each side by '7'.
x = 5

x = 5

The way to solve an equation is to define the variable you are using. Let's start with a simpler equation: 7x=35. The first thing you want to do when solving an equation is to clear any coefficients(the number before the variable x, for this case). In order to do this, you will have to divide both sides by the coefficient 7. 7 multiplied by x divided by 7 becomes just x and 35 divided by 7 becomes 5. Now we have a solution, because we have found the value of our variable x. x is equal to 5. Now you can solve harder equations. But you should always remember that you always are trying to find the value of your variable. Try this one on your own: y/5 = 13.

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