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Math > Factoring quadratic expressions

How To Factor Quadratic Expressions

Published: 06/03/2012
Created by: Jeremy
Confidence Level: A little experience, I'm kind of figuring it out. (20/100)

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How To Factor Quadratic Expressions

If you have the expression, x2+3x+2, then you'll want to take 3x(Also known as the B term) and put it into the bottom corner of your diamond problem. Then you'll need to take 2x(Also known as the C term) and put it into the top corner of your diamond problem. Now you just need to figure out, "Hmm, what two numbers multiply to make 2, and add to make 3?" "AHA, 1 and 2!" Then you just simply put those numbers in the remaining side corners of your diamond, one on each side. Now you're almost done, take 1 and 2, and translate them into factors like this: (x+1)(x+2) and you're done!

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Comments On This Lesson

warm feedback: 1) the humor was engaging
2) i like the steps they wrote in the space
next to the video so people can see the
3) they explained what a diamond problem was
which was important.
Cool feedback:
1)They didn't show any work to the audience so if they didnt see the steps on the side then they wouldo've got confused.
2) they didn't have a exit ticket
3)I got bored after a while nothing else happened besides them showing the paper bags.

- from Alvarez

warm feedback:
1.the humor made it engaging for the audience. explained how you use the diamond method.
3. the explanation on the side is helpful because you can follow along while their explaining it.
cool feedback:
1. it was engaging but after a while it was boring because the only thing you saw was paperbags. didn't have an exit ticket in this case it would have helped alot
3. you could of added a you do or we do.

Warm Feedback
1. It was funny and kept me engaged i loved the idea of using paper bag puppets
2. You used a simple example problem so it was easy to grasp the concept
3. You knew what you were talking about and didn't stumble over your words, spoke clearly and loudly

Cool Feedback
1. To know and understand a concept better its always better to write the problem down at time i was confused and didn't know what you were talking about because i didn't have a visual
2. You only had one example problem you should at least have two an easy and hard one
3. you didn't have an exit ticket at all, how will you know if your audience understood you concept?

warm feedback
-it was funning and engaging
-explained exactly what you had to do for a diamond problem
-it was different from most videos and kept me entertained

cool feedback
-could have shown the example problems
-it was mostly for auditory learners
-shown your work

- from jessicap

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