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solving 2 step and 3 step equations

Published: 11/09/2011
Created by: shay
Confidence Level: Some experience, getting the hang of things. (40/100)

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getting rid of haters by solving 2a...

our second try to explaining 2 and 3 step equations. this video is expressed in a creative way

La Shay and Aaliyah were both solving equations . La Shay was solving a two step equation. Her equation was 2x+8=6x+16 she talked about how to slove it step by step in the second part of the video. Aaliyah was doing a two step equation. Her equation was 4x+10=30 she went step by step on how to slove it in slow motion with a twist.

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I've never seen this kind of resolution. I like it. Thank you, girls. You are so cool :)

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