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Math > Solve linear equations and compute

How to solve linear equations and compute the x and y intercept the fun way!

Published: 03/14/2012
Created by: MiMi
Confidence Level: Some experience, getting the hang of things. (40/100)

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How to solve linear equations and co...

This is the fun way to solve math's linear equations and compute the x and y intecept

This is something I am very proud of. I like the way it came out. It took me awhile to get done. But now it is and I feel that it's really good. I am a kinesthetic learner so I made this something that people will stay interested in. I think it goes a little fast, but if someone takes the time to watch it and pause when needed. Then they will understand it very well. The specific way I made this was so that if I was watching I would be interested in it and for the most part be able to watch without falling asleep. Personally I think I accomplished the goal.

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