The Challenge:

Make it easier / more fun for the next person to learn what ever you are learning right now.

Strategies For Using Upside Down Academy In Your Classroom

At it's heart Upside Down Academy is about having students help each other.

Upside Down Academy was built to make it easier for students to work together and teach each other, lessening the load on the teacher, fostering a more collaborative and supportive environment, and giving students more responsibility over their own education.

Here are some tips and tricks for using Upside Down Academy in your classroom.

  1. Quick Start Guide

    Here is a simple guide to using Upside Down Academy in your classroom.

    Quick Start Guide >

  2. Set The Stage Early

    Giving students some tips about how to think about teaching can be helpful.

    Set The Stage Early >

  3. Keep It Simple

    Simple lessons can be very effective and don't take as much time and effort.

    Keep It Simple >

  4. Create Lessons Frequently

    Practice makes perfect. Having students create more than one lesson can be very beneficial.

    Create Lessons Frequently >

  5. Give The Lessons Specific Purpose

    Giving the students a sense of purpose in creating their lessons can benefit their motivation.

    Give The Lessons Specific Purpose >

  6. Individuals vs. Groups Creating Lessons

    There are benefits to having students create lessons as a group or as individuals.

    Individual vs. Group Lessons >

If you have any other strategies, please let us know!